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Owner and founder of Sakura Tattoo Amsterdam and profesional tatoo-artist since 1996. He loves to make "Japanese work". But masters multiple styles.



"Robe" is our Italian artist, who makes "old school" tattoos since he started. That's why he is a talented and technical tattoo-artist.




Oliver is the Swiss guy in our team. Grown up in Italy, where he studied art and started tattooing. He loves to work with the idea's of people and make them tattoos that stand the test of time.




Roxanne Rosa aka RoxaRosa started tattooing at the age of 26. Roxanne doesn't have a particular tattoo style she loves most. What she likes to do is black & grey, color, dotwork, watercolor, new school and old school. If you have an idea but need a little help in realizing it she is more than happy to help you along!




Gema is from Norwich U.K. and works at the Indigo tattoo studio Norwich. She's been tattooing since 2010. Her passions in life are art and travel, that is why she travels a lot and attends tattoo conventions and guest spots all over the world. Her favourite styles are: dotwork, henna, mendhi, Polynesian and anything ornamental with patterns or floral! She's a huge animal lover and has a tiny dog named Texas.




Amir started tattooing 7 years ago in Israel. He worked at Reinkarnation in Cologne, Germany between 2014 and 2017. He is an allround tattoo-artist who likes to be challenged with different styles and puts the full 100% in every tattoo. However his favorite style is realistic black and grey.




Serena is our general manager. She takes care of everything concerning the shop. For appointments and other questions you can contact her by Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



We got a working space for rent in our studio. If you got your own clients and are interested, send your portfolio through an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to Sakura Tatoo Amsterdam.

The Studio

On the famous, notorious Zeedijk in Amsterdam, near the "red light district" you can find,
Sakura Tattoo Amsterdam.
This tattoo studio is different than others. It radiates the atmosphere of a gallery.

No standard pictures on the wall but art.
A lot of Asian art, mostly Japanese.
Other tattoo styles are represented.
Think about Maori and other tribal styles, old school and new school, script-lettering and Hispanic.

We like to design something special, so every customer will get an unique tattoo.
In short: Sakura Tattoo Amsterdam is of all trades.
At Sakura Tattoo tattoos are made with skill, experience and passion.

Everyone that binds with Sakura Tattoo, by means of an assignment, are pointed to the link "Algemene voorwaarden" (Terms & conditions).

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More info

Gema works on:

Friday 23rd Februari

Saturday 24th Februari

Saturday 31st March

Sunday 1st April

Sunday 29th April

Monday 30th April